Changes, News and Updates


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I realized before I could publish the new website, I needed to reorganize all of my material. I have migrated all data files to my new computer system. Merged the files and created hard backups, copied all files to DVD (which goes to the safe deposit box!) I never realized how much material I have.

I updated my genealogy software. I was forced because I am now running Windows 7 64 bit on my main system. So I am learning how to tweak the new software to do what I want. I am converting all of my paper sources, notes, etc. to PDF files. This will take a bit, but gives me a better opportunity to share and backup.

Over the last few years a number of errors in the Cardinal-Clark line has surfaced. I am debating about pulling all of the material. Please be aware of this. I find some family members had provided material that was not correct.


I am finally working on a major overhaul of the website. I am developing a complete new look and code for it.


The years have flown by. I have made myself a promise to update this site this winter. I need to bring the site and software up to the same standards as the other sites I maintain.

05/11/2005   Still updating small items on this site.  As I work on the major updates, I keep finding more to add.  I will publish what I have over this summer.  Thank you for everyone who keeps sending in more information.


Another year flew by.  Between visits, the house, and surgery the year is gone.  Working on cataloging more material.  New server and backups in place.  Still working on recovering some lost email.


Disaster struck.  Lost all my saved email.  Backup system would not restore.  If you have emailed me in the last 6 months or so, please resend.  I was answering my back email when my server crashed.


Wow!  Where does the time go?  I have been so busy this past 6 months.  We bought a brand new home in the countryside which seems to take all my spare time.  Clearing land and finishing the house has taken up most of this past fall.  Sneaking in a little fishing wraps up the rest.  I have promised Lori no major projects this winter.  (I built a boat last winter)  So this winter I plan on settling down and catching up.  I have been doing a little research on the Cain side mostly.  A lot of newspaper articles have surfaced from the 1850-1890's.  I have about a foot high stack of paperwork to file and index.  I just need to get up one morning and dive in. 

I tore a tendon in my right hand recently that looks like it is going to require surgery.  Dec 2nd I meet with the surgeon.  That might put my typing hand out of commission for a bit.  I have saved all correspondance and will catch up this winter.  Next month will be 2 years since we moved from Los Angeles.  It has flown by! 


Pulled the report section.  I will put it back when I start on it this fall again.


My sincere apologies to everyone.  I have been so busy and burnt out.  I have decided to take some time away from this project.  I have been at it hard for over 10 years and need a break.  I will be back late next year.  I have saved all email and when I'm ready to devote some intense time again I will answer all.  Happy Holidays to all.



Whew, the move was pushed back a week due to the other party not being able to get out on time.  Finally in and setting up.  Please bear with me on returning your messages, etc.  We have been living out of boxes for two weeks and finally moved in.  Priorities come first, like setting up our house!


I will be off-line due to our move until Sept. 4th.  Have a safe Labor Day weekend!


Where does the time go?  Summer has been so beautiful in Wisconsin.  We just closed a deal on a house 5 miles from where we live now.  In the country with woods around us, deer in the backyard, etc.  So it's packing and moving time.  I do have some time off this coming week and will update some reports.  The volume of email this past month has been staggering.  Slowly catching up.  Enjoy your summer! 


I apologize for the delay in answering some mail.  Very busy at work and it is perfect weather for fishing.  I will answer all mail very soon.  Just be patient.


My son Adam is visiting me and I have been off fishing and will be away for another week.  Just wanted to pass on three major contacts on the CAIN side in the last two weeks.  Some notes in the David CAIN report.  More information to come.


Cain family members!  Hold on to your seats.  I have Nellie J. Durkee's parents!  More to come as I verify and review the documents.  Hint... Nellie's parents spelled it "Durkey" for one generation and her mother remarried a "BUEL".  Big Thank You to the Society of Genealogy of Durkees and Bernice Gunderson for all her personal hard work!


The tree map has been updated.  I have been working some long hours so not much research being done at this time.  Just answering email is enough to keep me busy everyday.  Contact with a cousin of Lori's.  Yurek family is slowly being researched and more and more information is becoming available.  Very soon I will publish a detailed ancestral/descendant report for the Yurek/Kaminski's.


Every major report has been updated.  About 20 new photographs added.  My Ancestral report will be updated in the next 48 hours.  Again more changes to the structure of the site.  Please let me know of any problems incurred.


Slowly changing this site over to a non-frame based site.  I figure it will be easier to migrate to the new redesign I am working on.  You will notice small changes each time.  Updated Joseph Cardinal, David A. Cain descendant reports.  I added a Kinship Report to help place visitors relationship to me.  Finished repairing some of the photos I have posted.  Most have been digitally enhanced and repaired.  Please email with any problems encountered with navigation or page viewing of this site.   


Fixed the guestlog problem of comments not being saved.  It is working now.  Minor updates throughout site.  I will be updateding the major reports over the next 48 hours.


Minor updates throughout the site.  I have posted the ancestry of Joseph Cardinal to the Tree Map section.  This material is to be used with caution!  I have posted it for others to review and hopefully help to confirm or disprove it.  I have just a couple of pieces of documentation on the link.  The problem is the number of Joseph Cardinal Families in Michigan at this timeframe.  I also now believe there are two Isadore Cardinal's in the same time frame of 1850-1890.  Only further research will clarify this.

The lineage on Mary Elizabeth Durkee Cain, daughter of Stephen and Lydia Durkee, Spouse of James Anthony Cain, is also now in the Tree Map section.  This goes back to the early 1600's in New England. 


Due to surpassing server size limitations, I have migrated the old website to here. Added a guestbook and carried over the "hit's" count to here. The revised website is still being created. (I have to sleep!)  I will place a forwarding page on the old server.  Uploaded a few new photographs.  Working on loading the information from "The Society of Genealogy of Durkee" into the database.


The Cardinal Descendant report has been updated.  It starts in Mt. Clemens with Joseph Joseph Boutin Dit Cardinal, b abt 1800, downward.  This is a very detailed report. 


Re-indexing completed.  Now re-doing my source notes.  Contact with a CARDINAL descendant in Oconto.  Almost 50 newly found descendants of Joseph Cardinal!


Re-indexing all Documents and Master Sources.  Large project should take several days of work.  A peek into the future: I recently registered my domain name www.vandersande.org and have contracted for a server.  This will be a major revision of this site and location.  I will not have the site up until it is completed, or very close to it.  I will announce and set up a redirect page.  Until then you just have to wait :-}


Spent the day in the Oconto County Courthouse.  PROOF of the Oconto connection to the Cardinal's in Mt. Clemen, Michigan.  Joseph Cardinal's death registration and a surprise, Isadore and Sarah Cardinals son, Edward got married in Oconto.  Found the marriage information!  Now is this a new son for them, or one under a different name?  I have to go back to work, as my mini-vacation is over.  I will post the updates over the next week or so. 


Received package from the Society of Genealogy of Durkee.  It covers Mary Elizabeth Durkee, spouse of James A. Cain, back 8 generations.  A large amount of documentation included.  Turns out this particular branch was overlooked for a long period of time.  It was finally published in 1991.  No luck on Nellie Durkee, wife of Augustus M. Cain.  There must be a connection, just going to take some time.  As I am in the middle of re-indexing all my documents I will probably not post this information for a while. 

    I did visit Henry S Clark's gravesite yesterday after confirming it.  It overlooks the Fox River on Heritage Hill in Green Bay.  There is a Historical Museum located there with some of the original buildings from Fort Howard and Green Bay area.  Pictures will post as soon as developed.

    Finally, I am off today to Oconto and the Cofrin Collection to confirm Joseph Cardinal's parents and birthplace.  Wish me luck!  (BTW, third day with no smoking!)


Sometimes you get just so lucky.  Watch for updates on Henry Scott Clark and his wife Marion Josephine Waterman over the next couple of days.


"After further review" (my old referee days coming out!) I have pulled my connections with the Cardinal's/Biscornet's from Michigan. I have received several conflicting versions of material.


Received material on Cardinal/Dit Cardinal/Boutin Family pertaining to Canada/Michigan.  Reviewing now, maybe an error on my end with the Sr. Joseph Cardinal, b1808 in Oconto.  Will update as I review it.


Oh boy, tied in William F. Cain's mother and father!  Updated Cain Report and treemap.


As usual, I have had three major breaks yesterday.  I will post as much as I can in the next 24 hours.  First, definite proof of the relationship of Augustus M. Cain to his FATHER, William F. Cain.  I have received Williams obit and a readable copy of the 1870 Waupaca Census!  Also some published biographical material with William being mentioned.  Second, proof of the next generation(s) back on Joseph Cardinal and more information on Isadore Cardinal.  And last, contact with the Durkee Organization.  http://www.durkee.org  Seems they have every Durkee line coming out of Maine/Vermont.  Working on that area, but it looks like Mary Elizabeth Durkee, wife of Augustus M. Cain, is 8th generation of their main Durkee from Colonial Settlers.  Documents are in the mail to me now.

    I need your help and comments.  I average about 20 emails a day from around the world.  It has come time to revamp this site entirely.  When I first constructed the original site 5 years ago, I used a Frame Based site.  As is the current site.  I am thinking of going to a straight HTML site, no frames.  If you have any comments or suggestions about navigation of this site, layout, and content, please email me. Many people have asked for email listings of other researchers within my family tree, which I am considering.   Whether it is positive or negative, I would like to hear from you.  Most of my European contacts would like to see the frames go away. 

    As the size of this site increases (over 48 MB now) I am thinking of revamping what documents and articles I display.  Plus, for those of you who are aware of my pending lawsuit, I will have very restrictive copyright enforcements concerning republication of my material by outside commercial parties.  Again, copying for personal use and quoting my site (or me) as source is allowed.  Please do not publish any of my material on any site other than your own personal site with proper sources listed.  What is happening is my material is being printed and offered for sale.  I actually was solicited by a company to sell me some of my own material!


Updated the Joseph Cardinal descendant report.  More information in the William F. Cain report.  Spent the day doing research on Cain's.  More headaches and more Cain families on the same homestead!  Updated the tree map also.


Uploaded updated tree map.  Posted copy of 1900 Wisconsin Census for Augustus Cain and family in document section.


Preparing a report for the William F Cain family.  Please see the report section.  Rechecking and verifying all new information.  Going to get an email out today to all interested parties.


Some picture updates and minor update of tree map.  Still sifting through all the leads on Cain.  Good Census leads.  I am trying to schedule appointment at local University to search records.


Corrected posting of Children for Forrest Clark.  My apologies! Also major web update in progress.  The comment page and counter will not work for a couple of days.  Posted Cardinal Descendant report.  It's snowing!


Updated my ancestral report in the report section.  Because of time limitations, I did not include notes, etc.  At a later date I will include more additional information in this report.  I just wanted to update this because of so many requests.


Unbelievable response in the last 10 days.  I have averaged over 3 emails a day from cousins all over the US and Nederlands.  Please be patient as I have been overwhelmed with information.  After all these years, I still am amazed at how I can go years without a major break.  And then suddenly huge amounts of major information within days of each other.  It has taken me 30 years to learn John Byron Cain's parents.  Now I have leads on the Cardinal side going back into French Canada, JB Cain's folks going back to Belfast Ireland, and at least 7 cousins from the Clark/Cardinal side who have contacted me in the last couple of days.  Special thanks to VJ, my cousin on the Cain side and Susan from the Cardinal/Solgat line.  Thanks for the extra effort!


Updated the tree map and listings to reflect new information on Cardinal tree.  As soon as some other information is verified a report style will be posted and the tree updated.


My mirror and main websites were hacked this week.  I have migrated this site to a local secure server.  

www.vandersande.cjb.net will always get you to the primary site.


    More online contact with family members from the Clark/Cardinal side.  Updated the tree map and its connecting lists.


    Just completed a 3000 mile move and will be updating more information over the next couple of weeks.  Cleared previous history to Archives.

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